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December 2017 LOWTOXBOX!

We're delighted to reveal our December LOWTOXBOX!

We hope you love these products as much as we do!

Veda Soul - AWAKEN Lemon & Ginger

At The Veda Soul Company, we are passionate about making sweet delights that are 100% Vegan and Organic and free of Refined Sugar, made with love. We are a husband and wife team, supported by a beautiful support circle of family and friends and our passion to make a difference is something that we try to incorporate into our products and our services wherever possible.  Our products were created as a result of me giving up refined sugar, as part of a detox and wanting the amazing feeling I got from it to continue, leading me down a vegan diet avenue, at which point my chocoholic husband Ash was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. All of these factors came together and our products were born. Our love for providing beautifully presented reusable packaging and inspirational thoughts in each tin, is a strong part of our brand and we hope that you enjoy!

Emily Crisps - Crunchy Red Apple

Emily loves discovery and delicious food, travelling the world seeking out exciting adventures and delightful flavours.

On her travels, Emily discovered an innovative way to create amazingly crunchy crisps from the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy vibrant and crunchy slices of red apple - a sweet, nutritious crisp.

Real Handful - Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate

A fabulous blend of blood orange flavoured sultanas, orange flavoured cranberries, dark chocolate and peanuts.

Stoats - Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Oat Bar


Even on your busiest days, Stoats tasty on the go goodness keeps you going! Packed with nourishing, wholesome deliciousness, our mouthwatering range of quick and easy snacks and cereals – from porridge sachets, pots, bars and boxes to oatcakes and mueslis, will power you through, morning, noon and night. So go on, grab your Stoats and own the day!

Soapy Skin - Handmade Lemongrass Soap

This combination of essential oils in our natural handmade lemongrass soap are stimulating, reviving and energising, lifting the spirits of the tired mind. The lemongrass, as well as the tea-tree oil, helps to clear up acne and other skin ailments; great for dry skin and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. The soap contains lemongrass powder, which acts as a mild exfoliant as well as an anti-inflammatory and insect repellent. This soap has a particularly sweet, fresh smell that will awaken the senses and leave you feeling positive and ready for the day ahead.

Bubbly Badger - Apple Pie & Custard 'Large' Bath Bomb

This giant vegan bath bomb is certainly one that’s bursting with Aroma. As you chuck the Apple Pie & Custard Bath Bomb into the bath, you’ll see the water turn slowly green as the Apple fragrance is released. As the Bath Bomb dissolves further, you’ll begin to smell the creamy custard aroma as the Fizz Spray turns bright yellow.

The Apple Pie & Custard Bath Bomb is massive, weighing over 180g, and will Fizz up to five minutes. All of our bath bombs are totally vegan, and come wrapped up to keep in their full aroma and prevent them from damage.

Iam By Nature - Medhini Face Scrub

Make my fresh and natural brightening Medhini face scrub at home in seconds! This pack contains all the fresh and natural ingredients you need to make one treatment.

Help me Organics - LOWTOXBOX Soy Wax Candle


Exclusively made Soy Wax candle for LOWTOXBOX with Frankincense, Geranium Bourbon and Lavender.


Kabloom - Seedbom Cornflower Fairy Lights

Cornflower Fairly Lights is a seed bomb containing a colourful mix of Polka Dot Cornflowers. Brighten up dull spaces with these little easy to grow fairy lights of colour. Loved by pollinating insects.

An ideal stocking filler!

Make great dried flowers for decoration.

Pull the pin and throw or drop Seedboms into areas that are in need of brightening up. Seedboms like bare soil, natural light and to be kept damp whilst growing. Full instructions are included on inside of each Seedbom sleeve.

Seedboms will biodegrade into the environment, leaving only plants behind.

Eco Glitter Fun - Exclusive LOWTOXBOX Mix

Our biodegradable glitter is made from a certified biodegradable cellulose film. This means that once it has been used to make the world a more glittery place, it will safely biodegrade, causing no harm to Mother Earth.

Guilt-free sparkles from Eco Glitter Fun with Aloe Vera application gel.