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October 2017 LOWTOXBOX!

We're delighted to reveal our October LOWTOXBOX!

We hope you love these products as much as we do!

NIX and KIX - Peach & Vanilla

Nix and Kix are a multi-award winning soft drinks brand with a difference. Gone are the days of boring flavours filled with chemicals and sugars as the kick in their drinks is all natural. The ’wow’ factor comes from a little chilli which is added to each of their three flavours, Mango & Ginger, Peach & Vanilla and Cucumber & Mint for good reason. The chillies, locally sourced from Bedfordshire, not only create great tasting drinks but are metabolism boosting and also have energy releasing properties. This in turn increases your endorphin levels, providing you with a natural, happy feeling. Made from the highest quality ingredients our drinks are vegan-friendly, with no chemicals and no added sugar.

Mallow and Marsh - Raspberry & Dark Chocolate

Raspberry Flavoured Marshmallows Coated in 70% Dark Chocolate snacking marshmallows. Tasty bundles of gooey deliciousness. 100% natural. Dip 'n' Dunk in anything from fruit coulis to yoghurt and even honey.

Perkier Foods - Quinoa Bar

PERK!ER are a young British company, who are passionate about creating delicious and innovative snacks, which are packed full of nutritious energy! Bursting with superfood goodness, their range of uniquely delicious quinoa bars are abundant with the nutrients your body needs to thrive, each and every day.

Snact - Apple & Mango Fruit Jerky

We make wholesome food waste-fighting snacks to create more taste and less waste. Our hand made fruit jerky is packed with all the nutrition of flawless fruit and helps the UK fight food waste. The fruit jerky is vegan and free from gluten, added sugar, concentrates, additives and preservatives. Since it’s packed in home compostable packaging, you’re fighting packaging waste too.

Try our fruit jerky as a refreshing morning or afternoon snack, a post-workout energy boost, a bite on the go, a travel-sized adventure companion or as a baking ingredient in your favourite recipes.

A full and juicy flavour combining the natural sweetness of mango and tartness of apples.

✔ Each pack saves one apple from going to waste

✔ Vegan

✔ Gluten free

✔ Part of your 5 a day

✔ No added sugar

✔ No additives or preservatives

✔ For snacking and baking

✔ Home compostable packaging

Iam By Nature - Honey & Co Face Mask

Pooh Bear loves nothing more than sticking his nose in a jar of honey. Perhaps that’s why his fur always looks so glossy and soft?

Honey loves your skin. So let them spend time together.
Your skin will thank you.

I am fresh & natural skin care made by you in seconds!

Mixing your own natural products at home is full of benefits – for those who’ve got the time and know-how. But what about the rest of us? Why should we miss out?

Let me introduce Iam By Nature Skin Care : 100% natural ingredients

packaged in the perfect quantity to mix at home in seconds. When I started making natural products in my own kitchen, my friends wanted to know my skin’s ‘secret’. But mixing my own scrubs from food ingredients was a hassle. I needed to make things easier so more people could benefit. That’s why I developed Iam By Nature. A natural and organic skin care brand established in London in 2015.

Now creating your own natural products at home is a breeze. No need to worry about which recipes to use, where to source ingredients, or keeping things fresh in the fridge. Anyone can try out homemade natural products on a whim. And like me, once they’ve turned to nature, they won’t want to turn back.

I want everyone to enjoy the benefits of nature at it's purest - simply and easily.

Mai Aljadawi


Fruu - Avocado lip balm

Made with organic avocado cold press oil, coconut oil and Aloe Vera. Our 100% natural lip balm is loaded with fruity goodness that will keep your lips nicely moisturised in the harshest winter!  The matte, buttery texture also makes for a perfect lip primer.

Kathy Sue-Ann’s Organic Body Butter with Sweet Orange

Kathy Sue- Ann’s super nourishing organic body butter is enriched with vitamins and minerals that will leave your skin deeply moisturised, softer and with a noticeably healthy glow. Sweet orange essential oil is added to give you a fresh and fruity smell with feel good mood boosting properties.

The organic ingredients used have been specially selected for their skin beneficial properties as they are rich in natural goodness that promotes healthy skin. Naturally contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C & E and numerous minerals. Think ‘Superfoods’ but for your skin.

Eco Straws


Our Stainless Steel eco-straws are super stylish, BPA-free and non-toxic alternatives to disposable plastic drinking straws. Stainless Steel eco-straws provide a stylish touch to smoothies and even speciality teas and coffees.

Manufactured from high quality 304 grade food safe stainless steel, these drinking straws are tough and durable so can be used time and time again.

Iam by Nature - Roz skincare mixing set

I am a recycled bowl and spoon – the perfect place for my fresh ingredients to meet, mix and make something wonderful.

I am biodegradable and BPA free. I’m made from natural fibres, too. Saving the earth comes naturally.

This bowl is rubbish. In a good way. It’s made from rice husks – the tough outer bits that normally get thrown away. 


•    Bowl (110 x 65 x 30 mm)
•    Spoon (90 x 25 mm)
•    Mesh bag for handy storage in the shower