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Going plastic-free on your travels.

Updated: Feb 19

'Travelling puts the plastic-free pledge to the test'

I guess when it comes down to it, what do you really need to take on your trip? We all tend to over pack, whether it’s a night away, or a year away! Avoiding single-use plastic when travelling comes with its own challenges.

Being prepared really is the key to a successful single-use plastic-free trip away.

It’s generally our toiletries where we use most disposable plastics when travelling. When packing for my year long trip away, I was mindful to only take the essentials, not be wasteful and keep within the weight restrictions. Ultimately, I didn’t want to be exploring this incredible planet whilst destroying it at the same time.

These are my planet-friendly travel essentials that I can’t live without on any trip away:

1. My natural shampoo/body bar changed my life

Seriously, if you haven’t tried a shampoo bar yet, you really should… they’re AMAZING! Initially I was sceptical. Having long thick hair I didn’t think I would get the same result as a liquid shampoo. I was wrong. Although they take a few washes to get used to, once you’ve made the swap, there’s no going back! I use mine for both my hair and body, so there’s no need to double up on bottles etc. I pair it with a light-weight travel tin for transporting, I wouldn’t be without mine. They’re plastic-free, long-lasting and a must-have for any trip away!

2. Switch to a natural deodorant

Understandably the switch to a natural deodorant can be daunting, having a fear of sweaty armpits with an odour, is something nobody wants. Having read concerns surrounding the ingredients in conventional deodorants, I was certain I would never use another one again, even if I had to try a few before finding the ones I like. For me my long-term health is so more important. I have a few organic deodorant brands that I love, but Earth Conscious is my top pick every time for a number of reasons: 100% natural ingredients; cruelty-free, aluminium-free, combats body odour; family-run business; made in the UK and best of all plastic free, both in their tin & biodegradable natural deodorant sticks. Light-weight, zero-waste – perfect for you travels.

3. Natural dental care

Being the UK’s first zero-waste and cruelty-free toothpaste, free-from fluoride, glycerine, colourants, bleaching agents or preservatives – TruthPaste natural mineral toothpaste is a must have. Unlike conventional or other natural toothpastes, TruthPaste does not contain any foaming agents, emulsifiers or thickening agents. After using, my mouth feels so clean and fresh and has really helped with my sensitivity. It comes in a perfect plastic-free travel size jar.

Changing to a sustainable toothbrush was one of the easiest swaps I’ve made. My Truthbrush bamboo toothbrush is robust and so beautifully crafted. Paired with the Truthbrush natural bamboo travel case makes it ideal for taking on any trip away.

4. Wow, natural plastic-free suncream!

No coral bleaching here! I am so excited about the zero-waste Shade all-nautral suncream. For me it ticks all the boxes, especially as I have pale skin. Only 4 natural ingrdients that moisturise and protect from damaging UVB rays. It applys just like a conventiaon suncream and a little goes a long way. It comes in 2 sizes, a 15ml pocket size perfect for a weekend away, or a 100ml cabin-friendly size for those longer trips. I am the biggest fan of this suncream and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to use a natural, ocean-friendly, plastic-free suncream 😊

5. Natural remedy to keep those critters away

Most inset replant has dangerous chemicals found in it, that will absorb through the skin into the body. I use deet-free natural insect repellent,it's effective against mosquito, gnats and midges. It’s vegan-friendly, fast acting, easy to apply and lasts for up to 6 hours. Best thing is its plastic-free!

6. My trusty reusable water bottle

I never leave the house without a reusable water bottle, so it’s no different when travelling! I use a couple of different styles, my collapsible Que Bottle and my stainless-steel Bottle, for different occasions and refill at drinking-fountains or ask polity in a restaurant or café when I need to top up!

7. I love my Tote Bag

Again, I never go anywhere without my reusable tote bag. I find them so useful, especially when travelling. I usually pack 2 or 3 depending on the length on the trip as I have many uses for them: a beach bag; shopping bag; clothes storage; or even a laundry bag. I just love a tote bag and they’re such a simple swap from a single-use plastic bag.

8. My essential notebook/travel journal

For every trip my notebook/travel journal comes with me! I’m someone that likes to plan, document what I do and keep track of my spending, so a notebook is one of my favourite travel essentials. My notebook is stylish and eco-friendly. Using recycled FSC-certified paper, vegetable inks for printing, making it completely planet-friendly 😊

Ultimately, be conscious of your environmental impact, stay safe and most of all have fun! Travel really does broaden the mind, gives you a deeper understanding of humanity and connects you with this beautiful planet we all call home.

To mark the second week of Plastic Free July I'm offering 10% off the LOWTOXBOX® Eco-friendly Travel Essential Kit. Use code: TRAVELESSENTIALS (Offer ends 15 July 2018).

Plus, don't forget that a tree is planted with every box purchased, more than offsetting the carbon footprint of the delivery and the already eco-friendly packaging. This contributes towards our #LowToxTrees mission to plant 25,000 trees by 2028!

Travel changed me for the better and lead me on the path I’m on today! I’d love to hear your travel tips, please comment below.

Love to you all,

Lucy xx




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