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Healthy Planet, Body and Mind.

Updated: Feb 19

'A more holistic approach to going plastic-free'

What does mindfulness mean? Essentially, being mindful is to focus your awareness in the present moment. Some think it is purely a meditation technique (which it can be), but it can also be implemented at your desk, on the train, in the shower, anywhere you want. It’s all about turning your attention to the ‘now’ moment.

All too often we can get caught up in our thoughts and planning our future that we forget to live for now; a proven contributing factor to our unhappiness. If we all stopped drifting through life on autopilot and used mindfulness to engage with the here and now, we could all live with greater clarity and a clearer mind.

Here are my 9 top tips to be more mindful in your everyday life, for your mind, body and planet:

1. Positive affirmations

My life mantra is to ‘See the positive in everything’. This daily mantra allows me to really focus on the good around me and be present in every moment. Even in a stressful situation, I’ll look for the positives. I surround myself with positive mantra affirmations cards, igniting positive thoughts throughout each day.

2. Taking a few moments to myself

I make a conscious effort to take a few minutes to myself to re-centre, relax and balance my mind. I do this by practicing my daily 20-minute Effortless Meditation. It’s not necessarily what happens in those 20 minutes, but how I react to everything else throughout my day that makes this practice so effective. This form of meditation really is ‘effortless’ and that’s why I love it so much! If you would like to learn this form of meditation then please get in touch. It really has changed my life!

3. Healthy planet, body and mind

Having a healthy planet is imperative to having a healthy body and mind. By living a more eco-conscious lifestyle you will become more aware of your surroundings and what you can do to make a positive impact on our planet. Seeing the devastating effects plastic is having on our planet and our entire eco-system is something that can’t be ignored. It is now confirmed that plastic is in our food chain. The spread of plastic pollution in our oceans means it is inevitable that eventually it will end up on our dinner plates. To prevent this, we can all do our bit to reduce our plastic consumption and eat a more plant-based diet, including seeds, nuts and pulses, which in turn will nourish your body and your mind.

4. Writing down my thoughts

I like to brain dump! I find that writing my thoughts down in my eco-friendly notepad clears my head, giving me clarity for the day ahead.

5. Essential oils on-the-go

Essential oils have many benefits. To sooth, to energise to bring clarity. Roll-on essential oils work best on pulse points, this allows the body to absorb some of the beneficial components of the oils in a safe, natural way through the skin. I personally like to apply my roll-on essential oil blends to my wrists as I tend to lift my hands up to run my fingers through my hair. I carry my handy roll-on essential oil blend with me every day to clear and focus my mind throughout the day.

6. Jar of happiness

I make a conscious effort to jot down any compliment, achievement (big or small) and anything else that makes me smile throughout each day and collate them in my happiness jar, so if I’m having a down day I can pop open my jar of happy thoughts which guarantees to lift my mood.

7. Water for clarity

Staying hydrated is the best way to keep a clear mind. By carrying a reusable water bottle you will be contributing to a world with less single-use plastics. I don’t leave the house without mine!

8. Aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles are the perfect solution to help with relaxation. I always make sure to only use an organic essential oil candle and not a synthetic fragranced candle. Many synthetic fragrance candles are derived from petroleum and may contain harmful chemicals. This is something I would never want to breathe in and expose myself or my loved ones to.

9. Bath bliss

One of life’s luxuries is having a bath. This is something that I really missed whilst traveling and made me realise just how privileged we are to have this facility. Most third-world countries could only dream of such luxury, so I never take having a bath for granted. The amount of water used is also something that I am conscious of, so I always try to find a second use for the water after having a soak, even if its left for Dan to use after me (which he is more than happy to do)! I find having a bath so relaxing. To get as much benefit out of it I like to add organic bath salts to it to sooth my skin and enhale the benefits of the essential oils. It’s a real treat and somewhere that I like to meditate and reflect on life. Just pure bliss!

I created the LowToxBox® Mindfulness Box as the ultimate gift of self-love and inner peace for yourself or a loved one. I’ve carefully selected each item to cultivate mindfulness, to re-centre, relax and rebalance the mind, to live a more peaceful and conscious life.

To mark the third week of Plastic Free July I’m offering 10% off the LOWTOXBOX® Mindfulness Box. Use Code: MINDFULNESS (Offer ends 22nd July 2018).

Plus, don't forget a tree is planted with every box purchased, more than offsetting the carbon footprint of the delivery and the already eco-friendly packaging. This contributes towards our #LowToxTrees mission to plant 25,000 trees by 2028!

Let’s all live a more mindful positive life for ourselves and our beautiful planet. I’d love to hear how you bring mindfulness into your daily life.

Love to you all,

Lucy xx