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New beginnings.

Updated: Feb 19

Plastic-free natural alternatives for expectant mums

Whilst travelling across Australia I had the pleasure of connecting with a truly inspiring eco-conscious mum. At the time she was mum to a beautiful 2-year-old girl and was shortly expecting her 2nd child.

Like every mum she wanted to provide the best start in life to her children. Her aim – to have happy, healthy thriving children without damaging the earth. To achieve this, looking after herself was imperative. Nourish her body and mind allowed her to provide and nurture her children.

Going back 100 years there was only organic produce available, less choice - less pressure.

As she explained ‘These days we have an array of synthetic products readily available that can be harmful to ourselves, our children and the environment. Therefore, I always opted for natural produce, cooking everything from scratch and anything I put on mine and the families skin is made from natural ingredients. I’m always conscious not to absorb any harmful toxins whilst pregnant.’

Her outlook on parenting was one I’d not come across back in England and something I wanted to share with others. After launching LOWTOXBOX®, it was important to me to curate a natural New Mum/Mum-To-Be gift set that encompassed everything I’d learnt, giving a choice of natural alternatives for both mum and baby that were useful, natural and plastic-free.

Here are my go-to ‘new mum/mum-to-be’ natural plastic-free alternatives:

1. What every new mum should have!

Having spent time with her and her beautiful daughter on day’s out, I saw first-hand how useful her mummy shawl was! It was in fact the organic cotton muslin swaddle blanket that she’d used when her daughter was a baby. Now wearing it as an everyday scarf/shawl, it was used on a various occasions throughout the day, as a picnic blanket at the park - to snuggling up into later when it was a little cooler outside. As a new mum it’s a must have item that she couldn’t live without!

2. What stretch marks?!

I think this is a subject that I’ve discussed with so many of my mummy friends. It’s something that can happen to any woman, not just in pregnancy. Although hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the skin and make it more prone to stretch marks. Some say that massaging the tummy when pre-natal and post-natal can prevent/lessen the appearance of stretch marks. She told me that using a natural tummy oil can help with this and making sure its organic will ensure no toxins are absorbed through the skin.

3. Staying hydrated

As well keeping your fluids up, staying hydrated can also help with keeping the skin supple. It also helps with keeping the mind clear. Her top tip... carrying a reusable water bottle around with you will make sure you're never without water.

4. Me-time

'If like other mums I know, there is a time where you need to regain your energy and de-stress, opting for a bath filled with organic bath salts is a great way to unwind and re-centre the mind.'

5. Treat for mum

Indulging in a little treat every now and then as a vegan eco-conscious mum can be a little challenging. Having tried and testing a few options, I found the Raw Halo Chocolate tick all the boxes. Ethically sourced, tastes I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E and comes in home compostable packing, I just love it!

I hope that this has inspired you as a new mum or can help you purchase that special baby shower gift that will be useful, pampering, stylish and will not be harmful to mum, baby or the planet.

To mark week 4 of #PlasticFreeJuly we are offering 10% off the LOWTOXBOX® New Mum Gift Box. Use code: NEWMUM (Offer ends 29th July 2018).

Plus, don't forget that a tree is planted with every box purchased, more than offsetting the carbon footprint of the delivery and the already eco-friendly packaging. This contributes towards our #LowToxTrees mission to plant 25,000 trees by 2028!

Remember we can all do our bit to make a positive difference to our beautiful planet.

Love to you all,

Lucy xx