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New Year detox tips

Kick-start your new year the right way with our top 5 #lowtoxdetox tips

Happy new year to our fabulous LowToxTribe! It’s 2020 and that means it’s time to kick-start your wellness journey to take on the year ahead. Whether you’re still recovering from the festive season or you’re ready to get back into a healthy routine, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 #lowtoxdetox tips for a successful start to your New Year.

New Year Detox, Tip 1 - Nourish your body

All the festive treats can leave you feeling a little sluggish and bloated at this time of year, so it’s time to give your body a post-Christmas detox. Try starting each day with a fresh vibrant shot of natural Ginger or Matcha, accompanied with a sprinkling of Organic Maca Powder on your breakfast to boost your energy levels. Also, ensure you drinking plenty of water throughout the day to give you that New Year glow. And, why not try reducing your coffee intake by substituting it for a good natural herbal tea to aid your New Year detox.

New Year Detox, Tip 2 – Positive thinking

A daily dose of positive inspiration can hugely impact on your outlook for the day. Investing in a book of positive affirmations and adding positive quote prints around your home, or on your desk at work can provoke positive thoughts.

Our founder, Lucy, has launched the hashtag #mylunchtimethoughts on her Instagram @lowtoxlucy today. This is a great initiative to be mindful each day by sharing at least 3 thoughts and will connect you to a beautiful community of likeminded people.

So, get your year off to a perfect start by radiating positivity, you’ll notice how it becomes infectious!

New Year Detox, Tip 3 - Get active

A great way to make yourself feel happier and boost your wellbeing is to get active. Go for a walk, run, dance around your living room or join an exercise class. Enrolling in a form of activity can make it more fun and sociable.

We also recommend wearing your most loved activewear that makes you feel great. The phrase ‘dress for success’ isn’t only for workwear. Wearing that fun slogan tee and your favourite leggings can influence your overall performance. If possible, choose natural fabrics to be kind to your skin and the planet.

New Year Detox, Tip 4 – Green space

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to improve your overall health and happiness, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Find your nearest park, tree-lined path, woodland etc. Being in nature is calming and restorative and will help you to relax.

We also recommend bringing the outside in. Try introducing house plants, particularly in areas you spend a lot of time. They help to clean the air and boost your wellbeing.

New Year Detox, Tip 5 - Relax & Sleep well

This New Year take time for you. Enjoy a 10-minute Calm meditation, read a book, relax and rejuvenate in a bath (with your favourite bath salts), or listen to your most loved music.

Try structuring a bedtime routine into your day. Start by unwinding and switching off an hour before you go to bed. This will benefit your body as it does most of its healing at night, leaving you feeling refreshed, radiant and glowing for the day ahead.

Here at LowToxBox we’re all about living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, that’s why we’ve curated our Wellness Collection. The collection includes our Mindfulness Box, Happiness Box and Wellness Box. All full of ethically sourced products that are kind to your mind, your body and the planet and come packaged completely plastic-free. Plus, a tree is planted for every gift box purchased helping the worlds environment.

We hope you have the best 2020, filled with love, laughter and good health. We’d love to know how you get on with your New Year #lowtoxdetox 😊, leave us a comment below.

All the best from Lucy & the LowToxBox Team x