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Sustainable Shopping Must-Haves

Whether you’re doing the weekly shop or popping out for some emergency snacks (we know the drill), there are plenty of ways to make your shopping trip better for the planet. At Natracare, we think the key is being prepared and having everything you need with you. Here are some sustainable must-haves that could make your next shopping trip kinder to the earth:

Shopping tote

We all know by now that plastic shopping bags are no good – they break easily, they’re a danger to wildlife, and they’ll still be around in 500 years’ time. Most shops also now charge by the bag, so they’ll also burn a hole in your pocket! Instead, make sure you have a couple of reusable tote bags to take with you when you go shopping to bag all your goodies in.

We recommend that you stash one of your tote bags into your favourite handbag or coat pocket. This way you’ll always have one on you, ready for all your impulse purchasing needs. The LowToxBox tote bag in their zero-waste starter kit is so cute, you’ll want to carry it everywhere you go!

Reusable containers and cutlery

Carry a reusable container like this stainless steel one with you when you go shopping to eliminate the need for buying pre-packaged goods. These could be used to store baked goods like bread and pastries, cereals, anything from the deli counter or anything else that will fit. It’s also a good idea to pack a reusable spork with this too, in case you get peckish on the way home!

Biodegradable period products

Whether you’re on your period or not, taking period products shopping with you is always a good idea – you might come on unexpectedly or somebody might ask to borrow a spare. Conventional period products are often filled with single-use plastic, that will pollute our waters and sit in landfill. Natracare period products are plastic free, cruelty-free and compostable, so that you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of your period.

Produce bags

Go plastic packaging free with your fruit, veg and dry foods by stocking up on some organic cotton produce bags. The mesh bag is perfect for carrying fruit and veg without the need for any plastic waste whatsoever, and this produce bag is perfect for food like nuts, pasta and grains.

Water bottle

Shopping can be thirsty work, and if you don’t come prepared the single-use plastic bottles of water in the stores might start to look tempting. 7.7 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the UK, which means every person uses more than three a week on average. To help reduce the number of plastic bottles that will end up polluting our planet, take a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go, including to the shops!

Coffee cup

So, we’ve just been through how shopping might make you thirsty, but we think it’s also important to mention it might leave you wanting a caffeine kick too – you’ve got to keep yourself sustained after all! If you think you might be tempted to grab a coffee to help get you through, remember to bring a reusable coffee cup with you to avoid unnecessary waste.

Safe to flush moist tissues

At times, public loos can be a bit… well… gross. Take a pack of Natracare Safe to Flush Moist Tissues with you on your next shopping trip, so you can keep that fresh feeling wherever you have to go! Most wipes are made with plastic, and no wipes should ever be flushed unless they’re one of the 3 P’s – pee, paper or poo. Luckily, our moist tissues are made of paper and are certified Fine to Flush by Water UK.

What’s your favourite sustainable must-have for when you’re on the go? Tell us in the comments below!

Natracare started in 1989 when founder, Susie Hewson, created the world’s first 100% organic cotton tampon. Since then, Natracare has been designing and producing products that are kind to our bodies and the planet. Natracare products are plastic free, biodegradable, and compostable, just the way they should be!

Thank you to our guest blogger Natracare x